Power Equipment Service Center

Service Department at our Warren location

Hellebuyck’s provides service and repair to all of the brands that we sell. We want to leave our customers with a confident feeling that if something does happen to go wrong, the company that sold you the product, can also fix it for you. Hellebuyck’s also sets up and preps everything that we sell prior to it leaving our store. We do this to make sure everything is running properly and that our customers can operate new equipment safely.
Our technicians are factory certified technicians which means they receive ongoing training that is needed to stay current with new technologies and updated with any changes the equipment manufacturers may instill.
Below are some common repairs and services we provide.

Services we offer

  • Tune-up
  • Maintenance
  • Blade Sharpening
  • Oil Change
  • Hydro Fluid Service
  • Tire Repair
  • Belt Service
  • Snow Paddle Replacement
  • Snow Scrapper Replacement
  • Skid Shoe Replacement

Mower problems

  • Running Rough
  • Blades Not Turning
  • Drive/Wheels Not Turning
  • Mower Will Not Start
  • Engine Runs Then Dies
  • Mower Is Making A Loud Noise Under The Deck
  • Belt Is Smoking
  • Mower Cuts Uneven
  • Cable Adjustments
  • Belt Adjustments




Hellebuyck’s Service Manager Gas Recommendations

  1. Use Fresh Gas – Less than 30 days old
  2. Use 89 Octane – Or higher
  3. When finished using equipment – wait to fill tank until you are ready to use machine again
  4. Change gas in gas can – develop a monthly replenishment schedule
  5. Unused gas – put in a larger tank to be used (i.e. vehicle)
  6. Use a smaller gas container – 1 or 2/1/2 gallon so it gets used up more frequently
  7. Off season storage – Drain gas tank, run gas out, use fuel stabilizer in last tank
  8. Use a fuel stabilizer