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Look for Toro Commercial V-Twin Engines on Zero Turn Mowers

The Toro Commercial V-Twin engines were designed to meet the demands of Toro commercial-grade zero turn mowers. Designed specifically for the machines they power, these engines provide optimal performance to power thru tough conditions. Learn more at


Toro Timecutter HD & Titan HD Zero Turn Mowers

If you have a big yard, you need a riding mower to match. The Toro TimeCutter HD features the innovative MyRIDE Suspension System so you can glide over rough terrain. And the TITAN HD allows you to mount your trimmer or other tools right to the mower to save you time. See the latest Toro zero turn mowers at


NEW Toro TimeCutter MX6050 Zero Turn Riding Mower

Introducing the Toro TimeCutter MX6050 zero turn mower. Packed with heavy-duty features like a 60” fabricated mowing deck and 10-gauge steel frame, this mower is built to tackle tough conditions and save you time. Stay comfortable on the 18” thickly padded premium seat, and get more done with the TimeCutter’s ultimate versatility. See more at

Toro® GreensPro® 1260 Overview

The new GreensPro 1260 is the next evolution of greens roller. With enhanced features like the hydraulically driven drive roller the GreensPro 1260 reduces the maintenance required with the older chain drive systems. The GreensPro 1260 delivers exceptionally smooth and fast greens with a superior operator platform. The split overlapping, contour following smoothing rollers perfectly follow undulations delivering exceptionally smooth putting surfaces. The operator platform is fully adjustable for unmatched comfort and operator safety. The new transport system featuring a QuickLatch coupler makes transporting from green to green unbelievably quick and simple.


Toro® Reelmaster® 3555-D/3575-D – SF&G

Introducing the all new Toro® Reelmaster® 3555-D and 3575-D (5 and 7 inch reel) reel mowers. Productivity, efficiency, simplicity, 100 inch cutting width (2.5 m) and lighter weight all packed into a compact chassis. These new Reelmaster models were designed to be over 20% lighter, and much more compact than traditional Toro reel mowers. You get the performance you’ve come to expect from Toro, in a size that is not only highly maneuverable, but is also engineered to decrease turf compaction in sensitive areas.


Tips To Getting A Quality Cut Lawn

How to get the best quality of cut from your lawn mower. Do you see clumping, uneven grass after you cut or is your mower scalping the grass? Then here are some great tips.

Attachments & Accessories for Zero Turn Mowers

Toro® mower accessories and mower attachments save time while providing the lawn care tools needed for a professional cut. Landscaping projects are made easier with attachments such as mower aerators, dethatchers, sprayers, seeders, debris sweepers, bagging attachments and more. Smart speed features on Toro’s riding mowers adjust to the mower attachments, making landscaping easier and ensuring the attachment is pulled at the right speed.

Toro® is a leading provider of lawn care equipment for homeowners and professional contractors alike. Versatile attachments for your lawn care needs are available now from Toro.


Compare Wide Area Lawn Mowers: Toro Walk-Behind Mowers

Professional landscapers trust Toro for heavy duty lawn mowers. Toro’s mid-sized line of lawn mowers features the Turbo Force deck for high capacity, heavy-duty mowing strength you can rely on. A range of mower specifications and features are available on Toro mid-sized mowers that help increase productivity and save time. This video compares mid-sized mowers and highlights the features that make Toro the choice for durable, reliable lawn mowers.

Fixed deck and floating deck mowers are available in four sizes. Save time on large lots with the 48 inch and 52 inch mowing decks. For difficult landscaping jobs, maneuver easily with 32 inch or 36 inch mowing decks. Select from the dependable gear drive motor or the time saving hydro drive that automatically shifts gears.


Lawn Striping “How To”

Introducing the new The Toro® Lawn Striping System for homeowners. Now you can pattern your lawn like the pros! It attaches easily to most walk-behind mowers and can be used with and without the bagger attached. All you need is a Phillips Screwdriver and 16-20 lbs of dry sand. Start planning your patterned lawn today.


Toro® Ultra Blower Vac Overview

Toro’s most powerful blower vac delivers all the power and versatility you need to tackle every yard clean-up chore. It features a variable speed control, 3 different blower nozzles and is the only blower vac on the market with a metal impeller. Vacuum your leaves and reduce your numbers of bags from 16 down to 1, (reduction varies with dryness of leaves).

Tips to Operating a Snowblower

To get the best results from your snowblower, follow these helpful tips. It will make clearing snow easier, more enjoyable and your driveway will look great throughout the winter.